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It is easy to make a decision when the choices are apart (say between good and bad), however, it is much difficult when the choices you have are identical (between good and good), that’s when this Shlok becomes helpful. With equally beautiful artwork, this poster is right suited for your place of dwelling.

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Vishnu Puran 1.19.41

Sanskrit transcript:
तत्कर्म यन्न बन्धाय सा विद्या या विमुक्तये ।
आयासायापरं कर्म विद्यान्या शिल्पनैपुणम् ॥

tatkarma yanna bandhāya sā vidyā yā vimuktaye ।
āyāsāyāparaṃ karma vidyānyā śilpanaipuṇam ॥
English translation:
Action is that, which does not promote attachment; that is knowledge which liberates (one from bondage). All other action is mere (pointless) effort/hardship; all other knowledge is merely another skill/craftsmanship.
Hindi translation:
कर्म वही है जो बंधनका कारण न हो और विद्या भी वही है जो मुक्तिकी साधिका हो ।
इसके अतिरिक्त और कर्म तो परिश्रमरूप तथा अन्य विद्याएँ कला-कौशलमात्र ही हैं ॥

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